At Loch Murray, our dance teachers and assistants are qualified, energetic and kind – and most are bilingual too! They have danced together for many years, which is apparent in their amazing dynamic.

The teachers at Loch Murray are:

Mélanie Lemieux, Director of Loch Murray Dancers, Highland Teacher (BATD)
Mélanie has been dancing for over 25 years, and teaching highland dance for 15 of those years. She became the proud Director at Loch Murray in 2013. A successful competitive dancer, Melanie won many awards at 13 SDCCS InterProvincial Competitions and Regional competitions. The award winning choreographies of Loch Murray owe their status to the efforts of Melanie. Skillful in Highland, National, Salsa, Hip Hop and many other dance forms, her love of performance always shines through. Melanie works tirelessly with many charities & provides various community performance opportunities for her students.

Kelsey Campbell, Highland Teacher (BATD)
Kelsey is an Oscar winning championship dancer who placed 6th in the World’s at Cowal, Dunoon in August, 2009. She was 3rd Runner up at the British Commonwealth Games and has been 1st Runner up in the North American Championships twice. A former Ontario Representative to the Canadians, Kelsey has many scholarships and awards to her name including James L. McKenzie for dance and the Senior Grand Meritus award in 2007 and 2008 for scholastic achievement.

Anna Gregory, Highland Teacher (SDTA)
Anna is an associate member of the Scottish Dance Teachers’ Alliance (SDTA). She continues to compete as a premier dancer and is an active member of the RCMP Pipes, Drums and Dancers. Anna has had the privilege of performing for various shows and festivals, including many prestigious international tattoos including Nova Scotia, Basel, Moscow, Shanghai and Belfast. Outside dance, Anna enjoys working as a Physiotherapist.